Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lotto Winners Stories

I was interested to find out if there was any common thread in the stories of past lotto winners.
The solution as always, was to go to the Internet and do  search on "Lotto Winners Stories" and "Lottery Winners Stories".
Well it seems that pretty ordinary people win the lottery.  The bulk of these winners are in the USA where it seems there are hundreds of different lotteries every day in every state.
The most interesting story to me was about Jose Salmon who won $13,000,0000 in the Florida lottery.
Jose was convinced he would win big one day and spent $600.00 per day on lotto tickets!  After spending something like $600,000.00 his numbers finally came up and he was one of 4 people who shared in a $52,000,000.00 (fifty two million dollars) jackpot.
Jose decided he wanted a lump sum and not an annual annuity.  That choice meant he forfeited $7,000,000.00 and he was then taxed on the balance.  The net amount he received (before paying any bills) was $5,300,000.00.

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